ACRYLIC MACAW CAGE$1695.00   W/out Base $1150.00
ACRYLIC AMAZON CAGE$1325.00 W/out Base $685.00
Small Bird Cage No/base $295.00  Size 24 x 24 x 28"   MEDIUM BIRD CARRIER $ 99.95   Pictured Below
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macaw cage    46 x 28 x 80
amazon cage  36 x 24 x 58
Small cage     24 x 24 x 28
Sm Cage Pictured below
The best acrylic cages and accessories on the market, designed for parrots by owners of parrots.  Our cages are easy to clean, including a pull out tray, Lixit Quick-Lock feeders, hardwood perch, lots of ventilation holes and a ventilation fan, toy holders and solid oak cabinets for storage. Brass casters and handles are extra. Our Cages have been parrot tested, its Hypo-allergenic and Almost soundproof.  This cage is easy to disassemble; for quick convenient storage and transportation.  About 30-50% noise Reduction. You can not do better than one of our cages.
Cages, Perchs and Carriers
The Perch has a solid hardwood base with PVC plastic perches and ABS plastic or hardwood trays.

The Bird/Parrot travel carrier is 1/4" acrylic and includes a hardwood perch and a nylon handle.  The carrier folds up flat for
added convenience.  (solid 1/4" acrylic)
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The door opening is 18 x 22
There are many slots for hanging toys
The type of feeder bowls included are,  Lixit Quick- Lock Crocks feeders
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20 X 14.5 X 13
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27 X 12 X 17
Made for the largest Macaws up to 40"
Small Bird Cage  24" x 24' x 28" No base $295.00  with Oak base $540.00  Shipping ranges from about $60.00 to $90.00 with out base, Ventilation Fan and extra $25.00  The door is  12" x 13"